A Killer Time at YOUR Murder Mystery Dinner Party

All you need to produce a wonderfully entertaining and memorable murder criminal report & mystery dinner party is a willingness to have Fun!

Its not as hard as you think to find us criminal records or host a fun evening or an afternoon with your friends or guests. Imagine yourself as the center of attention as your smiling suspects engage in conversations, grilling each other about the case as they try to solve the crime and discover "who dunnit". Everyone involved will have hours of entertainment from searching for the best outfit to wear for your themed event to playing the roles you assign them.

You also will want to plan the food and beverages for your mystery murder dinner around your theme. How about some Russian caviar and Martinis for your 1960's spy murder mystery, shaken not stirred of course.


The ideas and possibilities are endless!

Murder Mystery Dinner Party Bert Hutt


You could set up a chuck wagon dinner murder mystery with a barbecue, country music and cowboys with their gals with a western theme. Have a holdup and a getaway with the stage's gold or the bank's money. Maybe the local "widder" needs a champion to save her ranch and is looking for him, or her at your party. You can plan the unfolding of events any way you want to. Even you will be surprised at the outcomes!

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